Information Digitisation

Legacy information can often be available only in hard copy or scanned image format. Converting this information back to its original digital format restores value and relevance, allowing the user more confidence and greater scope of use.

Seismic Data Vectorisation:

  • Conversion of scanned image or hard copy seismic to SEG-Y.
  • Removal of interpretation, restoration of degraded areas.
  • Post stack seismic processing, including Migration.

[Data courtesy of Petroscan Ltd.]

Well Digitisation:

  • Digitisation and compositing of well log curves.
  • Capture of log header details.

Map Digitisation:

  • Digitisation of shotpoint basemaps to create navigation data.
  • Digitisation of geological/geophysical data and cultural data.

Digitising Information

Digitising Information makes it easier to preserve, access and share data.

Legacy Data

This can be critical data stored on old or obsolete formats which can be paramount to business needs. Paragon-IMS can convert outdated information, bringing the data to the required forefront of your business needs.

Paper to Digital

Enhance the value of your data by converting hard copy to digital, allowing access to interpretation ready information.